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About us

Innovating Electronic Excellence

Redefining industry norms through groundbreaking R&D
Suntronics, founded in 2013, excels in electronic innovation, providing manufacturers with cost-effective, cutting-edge solutions in power electronics, renewable energy, and beyond. Our R&D reshapes industry standards.


Conquering electronic system designs with innovative ideas and striving for optimal results within available resources and technologies


Providing customers with low-cost, highly efficient, and sustainable solutions and pioneering advancements in electronic technologies for a brighter future

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Excellence Beyond Compare

Unlock long-term cost advantages, comprehensive end-to-end solutions, import substitution, and high-quality service with innovative and competitive approach.

Gain Cost Advantage

Smart partnerships bring lasting cost benefits to us.

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With cost control, we excel in world-class Indian products.

End to End Services

From concept to manufacture, we provide solutions.

High Quality

We ensure excellence in product development and services.