Innovate. Integrate.

Innovate, integrate, and elevate.

Electronics Excellence, Seamless Integration

Optimise designs, develop firmware, and integrate systems for unparalleled electronic solutions.

Application Firmware

Suntronics excels in crafting versatile application firmware, intricately developing system logic, diverse interfaces, and wireless protocols. Our expertise spans microcontrollers, communication protocols, and graphical/text display support, ensuring efficient and cutting-edge solutions for clients.

  • Microcontroller System Logic Development for Diverse Applications
  • Versatile Interfaces: Digital, Analogue, and Network Protocols
  • Expertise in Wireless Communication Protocols (Zigbee, BLE, Cellular)
  • specialising in graphic and text display support.

Integration Support

Suntronics provides seamless integration support, offering expert hardware integration, firmware integration with controllers, PLCs, and sensors, and complete Bill of Material services. Our on-call support ensures operational excellence in automation systems.

  • Expert Hardware Integration at the System/Equipment Level
  • Firmware integration with controllers, PLCs, and sensors
  • Comprehensive Bill of Material for Automation Systems
  • Responsive on-call support for operational excellence


Prototype Support

Suntronics offers comprehensive prototype support, from initial board bring-up to compliance testing. Our services include small batch assembly, burn-in tests, and design compliance testing, ensuring a successful and robust prototype phase.

  • Initial Board Bring-Up Support for Prototypes
  • Small Batch Assembly for Rigorous Testing
  • Burn-in tests ensure prototype robustness.
  • Design compliance testing for quality assurance.

Electronic Design

Suntronics excels in electronic design, providing schematic design, PCB layout, and comprehensive development for robust electronic systems. Our focus includes design checks, reviews, and manufacturability, ensuring top-tier electronic solutions.

  • Schematic Design for Robust Electronic Systems
  • PCB Layout Optimisation for Manufacturing Efficiency
  • Design checks and reviews for quality assurance
  • Focus on design for manufacturability principles.